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Donald John Trump’s Policies & Ultimate Effects

The day Donald John Trump won the presidential election was not the happy day for most of people on the surface of earth. And by the way it was not trump who made it worse but his Few Policies regarding International relations, Refugees and Muslims living in USA and even the Women of USA.
Donald John Trump is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States.” Together, we will Make America Great Again!” is the slogan his and his followers. They have a view to put America first, to save the American economy, and to make America once again a shining city on the hill. He wanted to replace the existing Globalism with Americanism. 

Lets have a look on his Policies and their effects which erupted immediately after he won the presidential Elections.

Protests against Trump’s Win

CNN reports that thousands of protesters to take streets, chanted anti-Donald Trump slogans. They gathered near the White House, disheartened and dismayed. "Not my President, not today," many across the nation yelled
In cities from Boston to Los Angeles, thousands of demonstrators gathered Wednesday night in protest of election results. As many as 5,000 people were at a protest in New York. Many of the protests were in cities with large Democratic bases -- in Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Boston; Chicago; Denver; Philadelphia; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, Seattle and Washington.
 One college student showed CNN a sign that said, "I still can't believe I have to protest for civil rights."
In Portland, marchers chanted "No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA" as they trekked through downtown. Protesters in D.C., who headed to the Trump International Hotel, shouted the same slogan. Hundreds of mostly young Latino protesters marched on Los Angeles City Hall Wednesday night.
 Many Actors, human rights personals and persons from almost every field of life and gender protested against his win. Several protesters said they feared that families and friends might be deported once Donald Trump is sworn into office.

Donald J. Trump Supporters celebrated

In New York on Wednesday morning, groups of Trump supporters were overjoyed and cheered the victory of their chosen candidate outside Trump Tower. They took to Twitter and elsewhere to celebrate the results of the 2016 election. “We are going to build a wall so big,” seemingly drunken Trump supporters told to the Washington Post at a party in the Capital. This disappointed Mexican citizens. Few of his supporters created terror situations in different cities of USA. Hate crime started to erupt, Mosques were burnt, pork was thrown at shop’s door of Muslim owners. Their hate aimed at refugees and Muslims living in USA.

Inauguration Day January 20, 2017.

A large number of protests were planned in connection with the inauguration of Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America on January 20, 2017. It is reported that many people cried and looked disappointed on the eve. That reaction was over the globe. 

Women's March

The Women’s march on Washington was a January 21 protest in Washington, D.C. that attracted about 597,000 people to Independence Ave & Third St. to protest Donald Trump's first full day in office. Simultaneous protests drew large crowds across all 50 US states, and on all seven continents. That was a worldwide protest against him.

Airport protests


Thousands of protesters showed up at the John F. Kennedy International Airport on January 28, 2017 to protest the detainment of refugees and visitors from countries blocked by Trump's Executive Order.

Online petition for President Trump to release his IRS tax returns

300,000 American citizens signed an online petition of White House gov calling on President Trump to release his IRS tax returns as he promised he would during his campaign, Trump announced he would not release his tax returns due to lack of interest.

The Gag Rule

In the past the Gag rule would have meant that if you provided family planning services, that those services could not be funded by USA Aid if you talked about abortion.

The new version of the Gag Rule says that, not only you can get US Aid dollars for your family planning if you mentioned family planning (including abortion), you now also can’t receive a single cent for other services like TB, Malaria, maternal health and HIV.

Border wall between America and Mexico

In order to counter the terror activities in USA Trump announced to build a wall between the USA – Mexican border, to stop entering refugees to enter USA. Mexicans strongly rejected the idea. They think it will affect their daily routine life, meetings with relatives, consumers from low income areas and the revenue and profits of small business men.

The Anti – Trump is rising in is heard that President Donald Trump warned his counterparts in Mexico that he was ready to send his Troop to stop “Bad Hombres”. But the Mexican Government says it is fake news. 

Some experts say the arguing with Mexico could be beneficial to China.  The world's number-two economy is closely watching as Trump threatens to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement and presses Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to finance construction of a border wallThe Mexican economy, already facing a slowdown, could deteriorate further under both scenarios. Either way, strategists widely agree Mexico will look to reduce dependence on its largest trading partner, and Beijing is likely to emerge as a contender to replace the void left by Washington.
"China will certainly fill up the American vacuum in Mexico," said Jonathan Bogais, adjunct associate professor, at the University of Sydney.

Trump’s “America First” economic policy and Global Economy

In promoting an “America First” economic policy, President Donald J. Trump appears to be blinding himself to the currently very fragile state of the global economy. Among the more immediate global economic challenges likely to confront Trump will be China, the world's second largest economy and until recently the major source of global economic growth. Seemingly in total disregard of China's fragile economic position and of its importance to the global economy, Trump keeps branding China as a currency manipulator intent on cheapening its currency. Yet another way in which Trump seems to be undermining China's economic growth prospects is by the very expansionary U.S. fiscal policy that he is proposing.

Trump’s policies to make dollar stronger currency and higher U.S. interest rates could prove to be very challenging for the major emerging economies like Brazil, Russia and South Africa, particularly at a time when international commodity prices remain at low levels.

Yet another reason why Trump should be more concerned about the global economy than he seems to be is the parlous state of the European economy. Despite years of budget austerity, public debt levels have continued to rise in Southern Europe, banking systems have weakened especially in Italy and Germany, and economic performance between Europe's south and its north has continued to diverge.
There is of course always the chance that Trump gets lucky and that none of the global economic vulnerabilities will get triggered during his presidential term.

Muslims Immigration Ban

Donald J. Trump recently announced the name of seven Muslim countries (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen) whose citizens are ban for immigration.  In an interview with Willie Geist on in December 2015 Trump said that the airport authorities must ask the question, “Are you Muslim” and if find the answer positive then passenger must not be allowed in the country.

Recently it is observed that an Iranian Citizen Ali Vayeghan at Los Angles International Airport barred from entering USA. Six days later, Vayeghan returned to LAX on Thursday and received a very different welcome. The 61-year-old was met by a raucous cheer from supporters, lawyers and family members who have been fighting for Vayeghan’s admittance into the U.S. since he was sent away under the sweeping travel ban President Trump imposed on several predominantly Muslim countries.

Note: This is guest article submitted by one of our reader. Nikolay

Thursday, 27 April 2017

MTM Competitors Edge Policy

Over a period of last 7 years, Masood has invested heavily in the training and development of truly professional team. This has resulted in developing a team of MBA’s, Textile Engineers and Industrial Engineers working at various levels in operations, marketing & merchandising, production and quality management and logistics. They are supported by a team of  highly educated and experienced IT professionals to ensure building and implementing systems. This long term investment in Human Resource Development provides an edge to Masood to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Competitors Edge

·        Back Track System

Masood Textile Mills is the only textile mill in Pakistan with latest computerized Barcode System that assures quality in every operation of production from spinning to packing. Products of each department carry bar coded stickers, which bear all the details and history of the operations of that product. Hence if any problem is reported, one can trace back the root of the problem and enable to prevent occurrence of the same in future.

·        Vertically Integrated Operations

Besides, Masood is one of the few fully vertical textile mills in Pakistan having in-house Ginning, Spinning, Knitting, Fabric dyeing, Processing, Laundry and Apparel Manufacturing facilities.  The vertically integrated operations help us in achieving shorter lead times and greater flexibility to cater to the customers’ demand.

·        Customer Profile

Masood has also a pride to work with the world’s best labels like POLO RALPH LAUREN, CALVIN KLEIN, GAP, NAUTICA, CHAPS RALPH LAUREN, JCPENNEY, RUSSELL, CHAMPION, HANES, POLO JEANS, SPEEDO, GJM, DISCUSS ATHLETIC, CATALINA, AMERICAN EAGLE, CARLI GRY, and TOM TAILOR etc.  Currently, 85% of production is exported to U.S. while rest 15% to Europe.

·        Stitching Diversity

With over 20000 stitching machines, Masood is producing about 300,000 dozens per month of fashion garments like Polo, Rugby and Henley shirts along with basic garments like Crew Neck Tee, Sweat shirt, Boxer shorts and Bikinis. Masood has in-house Embroidery facility equipped with Tajima machines.

·        Aggressive R&D Facility

A very aggressive and creative R&D department is always busy in exploring innovative product development enabling Masood to be ahead of  many in the field. Our keen, extensive and aggressive Merchandising team comprising experienced and trained MBA’s functions with the core objective of rendering ultimate customer satisfaction through product development and smooth execution of orders. They are capable and keen to meet an average 3~4 days lead time for proto samples.

·        Social & Environmental Responsibilities

Masood, as a corporate citizen, recognizes and believes in fulfilling its responsibility towards the society and the environment. An effluent treatment plant is in the phase of completion. The compliance standards of international community are fully implemented and ensured at all times.

•     Off-Shore sewing facilities

Masood has diversified its operational capabilities by utilizing various off-shore sewing facilities to avail the benefit of duty and to meet the tough targets of valued customers.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Global Listening

Global listening is that which a student needs to understand the central point of a lecture or a long text.


a) Global listening which involves the listening of a large paragraph or lecture which requires more concentrations.

b) Text of lecture is easy or understandable for the students to remember for longer period.

c) Global listening involves high levels of explanation which students understand easily.

d) Listening involves the confident listening ability and are comfortable with the other persons.

e) Listening involves without being any force to students or by pre-determined the questions or assignment or a lecture.


a) Global listening is not the definite knowledge or information. It is based on huge knowledge or information.

b) Global listening is not based on the accurate frame of words or statement. It involves the high level of explanation for the students to understand.

c) Global listening is not the listening for non-essential material, it gives exact knowledge or information to the students.

d) Global listening is not the listening to copy a text.

Why would we do it?

It can be done to enhance our learning ability of mind to give quick response in apprehend spoken text.

To appreciate or like the listening. (The goal is not only to study the text it also needs to understand the information).

It can be done to apply the listening ability in daily routine.

For cumulative effects such as tuning into sounding and observed the tone or pitch system.

Clark epitomize this view in following way:

a) Listeners take it in lectures and store the data or information in the working memory of the mind.

b)  They instantly aim to arrange the mental ability of a students into section, and to discover the task and content.

c) They develop all organize and then establish hidden arguments, building regularly onto a vertical representation of various statement.

d) Once they have recognize the statement for a organizer they keep them in the working memory but sometimes these information or data remove from the mind of the person then they do not remember the same wording but they keep the meaning of text in the mind.

Types of GLOBAL LISTENING practice


Global listening is not easy or not attaiable easily. Maybe manage conservation use is possible. It is the act of forming the words or spelling out the words. It is increase the listening skills or improved listening skills.


Reading is attainable. Listening to the huge text or the text of graded readers. Watching the movies with the statement appears on the screen between the scenes. Sometimes listening the simple songs. Repeated the listening are useful or essentials.


Global listening is the main point or are important for the language learning. Listen to Radio. TV Shows with statements appear to screen are useful. Large scale of natural listening.


The requirements for global listening are first of all persons or student must know why they are doing global listening. They must know the vocabulary and grammar of the word. Time must be there and right material.


It is difficult to understand a listening text then the one which is read. And the large store of receptive listening is required. The learners need to understand the effect of sound on words. The learners must know how sound changes and they must have to recognize the words.


Material for global listening is difficult to find so the one must have to find the forum from start to full and others must ask the one which must create the same way of form.

The easiest way is to select a new which uses global listening such as BNN.

The other way is to find from the Google translator. First, find out the topic and then translate it in urdu and then search it in itune and other media. Download these files, all the audio files related to your topic and then start doing work on it

How do we go about teaching GLOBAL LISTENING?

Since the passage to succeed the ability to read the information or text correctly or rapidly is long in listening and also need much time of practices and is also enjoyable. Athletes are passing many times in the practices, because they enjoy doing this. There are many ways to improve the listening ability of the students. 

For example

Dictation is a good listening activity. The teacher efficiently attracts the students in listening. Students first listen the words in normal speed and then records global listening in percentage form. They listen words again in slow speed and then record those understandings in percentage form. Until the greater number of students reach the 98% understanding. It increases the listening ability to read the text correctly or rapidly.

Listen and Draw Activity:

In the listening classroom there is lot of fun and the listening activities to do. Good listening information or data for this activity should give support the students to listen attentively without to listen with bored.


In this activity, teacher has marked one student as a checker and the other one as a teller. The story which they are studying teacher first read out the story and then the teller read the portion. Teller explains what is written in that paragraph and the one is checker he has the duty to check whether the teller has told all the main points or not. Language for communication can be English or the one which student can understand.


To increase the amount of listening practice, external aids can be used. People who watch tv dramas are also have good listening practice. Audio and video can be used for listening practice.



It helps the student to understand the text what person says. It increases the listening practice.


It helps the low proficiency student to recognize the word. The words when spoken in speech are difficult to understand so recognition is difficult but practice makes it easier.


Global listening provides our student to experience a higher level of listening because listeners find it difficult to comprehend the listening so high level help them.


In this activity, people focuses on many factors such as discourse makers meaning dividing the conversation into segments and then focuses on the words and many other things.


Teacher should chose a news article or any poem which is famous and students have to listen that piece and work on it. They should start it on the beginning of the day and practice it.

To choose a paragraph for dictation is quite difficult but it is easy to produce the dictation of that paragraph.

The procedure is not defined it depends on the students, class and size. First, they had to read it with slow speed then they had to again read it. Now, one by one they will rephrase it and then read what they had written and check if any grammar mistake is there. Teacher must appreciate the student and also not choose difficult paragraph.


Techniques really affect the listening activity.

The way listener speaks the word and his expression matters a lot. Once, meaning is identified then there is no problem.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Somatic symptom and related disorders

Somatic symptom and related disorders are mental health disorders characterized by an intense focus on physical (somatic) symptoms, which cause significant distress and/or interfere with daily functioning.

Most mental health disorders are characterized by mental symptoms. That is, people have unusual or disturbing thoughts, moods, and/or behaviors. However, in somatic symptom disorders, the person's main concern is with physical (somatic—from soma , the Greek word for body) symptoms, such as pain, weakness, fatigue, nausea, or other bodily sensations. The person may or may not have a medical disorder that causes or contributes to the symptoms. However, when a medical disorder is present, the person responds to it excessively.

Everyone reacts on an emotional level when they have physical symptoms. However, people with a somatic symptom disorder have exceptionally intense thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in response to their symptoms. To distinguish a disorder from a normal reaction to feeling ill, the responses must be intense enough to cause significant distress to the person (and sometimes to others) and/or make it difficult for the person to function in daily life.
The different responses people have define the specific disorder they have, as in the following:

Conversion disorder, physical symptoms that resemble those of a nervous system (neurologic) disorder develop. The symptoms are commonly triggered by mental factors such as conflicts or other stresses.
  • An arm or leg may be paralyzed, or people may lose their sense of touch, sight, or hearing.
  • Many physical examinations and tests are usually done to make sure symptoms do not result from a physical disorder.
  • Reassurance from a supportive, trusted doctor can help, as can hypnosis and cognitive-behavioral therapy.
Conversion disorder is thought to be caused by mental factors, such as stress and conflict, which people with this disorder experience as (convert into) physical symptoms.

Although conversion disorder tends to develop during late childhood to early adulthood, it may appear at any age. The disorder appears to be more common among women.


The symptoms—such as paralysis of an arm or leg or loss of sensation in a part of the body—suggest nervous system dysfunction. Other symptoms may resemble a seizure or involve problems with thinking, difficulty swallowing, or loss of one of the special senses, such as vision or hearing.

Often, symptoms begin after some distressing social or psychologic event. Symptoms are not intentional. They are severe enough to cause substantial distress and to interfere with functioning.

People may have only one episode in their lifetime or episodes that occur sporadically. Usually, the episodes are brief.


Doctors first check for physical, particularly neurologic, disorders that can account for the symptoms by taking a thorough medical history, doing a thorough physical examination, and doing tests. The key to the diagnosis is that symptoms do not match those caused by any neurologic disorder. For example, the person may tremble and think that the trembling is caused by a seizure disorder. But when the person is distracted, the trembling disappears. If people have a seizure disorder, distractions do not stop the trembling.

Once doctors determine that the symptoms do not match those caused by any neurologic disorder, doctors consider the diagnosis of conversion disorder. The diagnosis is made based on all the information from the evaluation.


A supportive, trustful doctor-patient relationship is essential. The most helpful approach may involve collaboration of a primary care doctor with a psychiatrist and a doctor from another field, such as a neurologist or internist.

After the doctor rules out a possible physical disorder and reassures the person that the symptoms do not indicate a serious underlying disorder, the person may begin to feel better, and the symptoms may fade.

The following treatments may help:
  • Hypnosis may help by enabling people to control how stress and other mental states affect their bodily functions.
  • Microanalyses is a rarely used procedure similar to hypnosis except that people are given a sedative to make them drowsy.
  • Psychotherapy, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, is effective for some people.
Any other psychiatric disorders (such as depression) should be treated.

Case Study
Julie Andresson
James Hilton
8 sisters 1 brother
Birth order
5th class

Name Ankita Sharma Age     50 years           Relation         Mother

Presenting complaints with duration
Complaint no
Complaint duration
Unable to walk
5 months
Unable to speak correct
5 months
Weeping spells

History of present illness

Patient was in USOH 2 years back when she suffers from typhoid fever, constipation and loss of consciousness. She was taken to various hospitals and was treated. Complaints of fits and unconsciousness ended but complaints of on and off fever continued 7 to 8 months. Patient become bed ridden, unable to walk and was taken to hospitals 5 months back.

Patient become unconscious, she was unable to eat and to open her eyes. Spoon feeding was initiated and continued for 3 months ,patient also remained constipated.
Patient was adopted by her uncle ( Taya Abu) who at that time had no child.  Later the uncle got married again and has children. Patient thought that their love and attention was divided, although the patient did not admit it.

Medical history

Typhoid before 1 year.

Family history

She has 8 real sisters and 1 brother but she was adopted by her uncle. She was very happy with her aunt and uncle. She loved her cousins like real brothers and sisters. When she was in mayo hospital she missed her uncle and aunt. In hospital with her own mother she thought about her uncle and aunt. She said that her uncle and aunt are her real parents. She was not accepting her real mother and father as her real parents. . In hospital she said that her real sisters are fed up of her, they abuse her. They are behaving very badly during her illness. She wanted to see her uncle and aunt. She wanted to be her Aunt and Uncle and waiting for them.

Personal history

In personal history, client has good relation with the family who adopted her. She said that she has good friendship with her one of her eight sisters. She also stated that she takes suggestions from her that sister only. The client was a good student and a religious person.

School history

She was good student in school. Due to typhoid she leave the school in 5th class.

Forensic history

No forensic history

Attitude of self

Friendly and soft nature



Predominant mood

Good relation with sisters and brother

Leisure activities and interest

Playing video games , watching TV

Present socio economic circumstances


Mental states and examination

A young girl well oriented ,wearing shalwar, kameez and dupatta on her head, unable to walk, unable to sit, having no proper eye contact, as patient is unable to open her eyes.

Talking style
She was talking very slow
Rate rhythm , volume as unable


Objective Mood


Mood responsiveness


Content of thought


General information (intelligence)

what is the color of our flag?

Abstract thinking

Difference between apple and ball?

Appropriate answer Insight

I have no any psychiatric problem I am not physical fit.
Psychiatric history


Conversion  300,11


Protective factor
Risk Factor

There may be a history of childhood abuse by her uncle and aunt. They send her back to her real parents. If she will think or see them again she will be again depressed.
Stress full life events

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Ethnic Issues In Pakistan

There are three pillars of ethnicity generally and groups in Pakistan are differentiating each other on these basis. The first base is racial base. Each group in Pakistan has its own characteristics of race and think about domination of his race more than other. Further, Cultural element is another element that is creating issues related with ethnicity within Pakistan.

The language is first common thing among all ethnic groups in Pakistan along with common religion, political and economic thinking. The next issue that can create ethnic conflict in Pakistan is somehow that is not under control of nation and that is modernization. The speedy development of modernization is creating issues for such society that is example of its own.

The sense of nationalization is basically never regarded as good in Pakistan. There is consistent gap analysis is going among ethnic groups that what they deserve and what they receive. This is something major issue causing ethnic issues or conflicts in society.

When Government of Pakistan made a policy and considered boasting element of economy in it then inferior ethnic group n nation starts feeling threatening from dominating because they are living in heterogeneous society. It is not so easy to create such situation by announcing new economy policy in Pakistan. It can only happen in Pakistan when Government did not show any relaxation towards hard feelings of inferior groups.

The socio-economic justice is a way that can create relaxation in general terms. Whenever Government of Pakistan and other administrative bodies initiate such policy that can create far away root from basic necessities then inferior ethnic group can feel issues within Pakistan.

HOW TO HANDLE Ethnic Issues In Pakistan

The only workable solution under such circumstances within Pakistan can control through Islamic traditions. Islamic way of dealing with on another is only required step to create and enhance brotherhood at community level. Social needs and economic requirements can resolve through Islamic way of dealing with ethnic groups in such society that is prevailing in Pakistan.

There is strong need to realize real strength in Pakistan and boast internal society at several fronts. If Pakistan would get satisfaction level at ethnic aspect then there would not chances of anything against its dignity anymore.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Sample Case Study Pharmaceuticals

Prepare an ER diagram by using following statements

1. Dealership may keeps the stock of the cars. cars having attributes of Car id , model no, manufacturing years.
2. Cars transport through the shipment. Attributes area no etc.
3. shippers has a contract with manufacturer.
4. Attributes of manufacturer license no.
5. Manufacturer provide licensed to the dealers.

Prepare an ER diagram of multinational organization deals with products.

1. Company has no. of branches all around the country.
2.Branches has its own employee having attribute emp id, name , address etc.
3. Employee sale the product and got commission against the product.
4. Product attributes are code, quantity and price.

Prepare an ER diagram of Bus Company.

A Bus Company owns a number of busses. Each bus is allocated to a particular route,  although some routes may have several busses. Each route passes through a number of  town.

One or more drivers are allocated to each stage of a route, which corresponds to a journey through some or all of the towns on a route. Some of the towns have a garage where busses are kept and each of the busses are identified by the registration number and can carry different numbers of passengers, since the vehicles vary in size and can be single or double-decked. Each route is identified by a route number and information is available on the average number of passengers carried per day for each route. Drivers have an employee number, name, address, and sometimes a telephone number.”

Prepare An ER diagram of University.

A lecturer, identified by his or her number, name and room number, is responsible for organizing a number of course modules. Each module has a unique code and also a name and each module can involve a number of lecturers who deliver part of it. A module is composed of a series of lectures and because of economic constraints and common sense, sometimes lectures on a given topic  can be part of more than one module. A lecture has a time, room and date and is delivered by a lecturer and a lecturer may deliver more than one lecture. Students, identified by number and name, can attend lectures and a student must be registered for a number of modules. We also store the date on which the student first registered for that module. Finally, a lecturer acts as a tutor for a number of students and each student has only one tutor.”