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Allium sativum belongs to family alliaceae. It's local name is Lehson or Garlic. It contains alliuin and alliicin etc. It;s main function is to reduce Blood Pressure. It also reduces Cholesterol. It uses in antibiotic and it is also ingredient of dishes.

ALLIUM SATIVUM Pharmacognostic Features

B.O: Allium Sativum
Family: Alliaceae
Local name: Lehson
English name: Garlic
Part used: plant’s bulb
Habitat: Originated in mountainous region in central Asia.


Sulphur containing compounds (Allicin,Alliin and Ajoene) Enzymes, volatile oils, vitamins,  Minerals.


The final mechanism of garlic associated vasodilation is its ability to increase the production of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). It is known that red blood cells will produce H2S when provided with sulfur containing products.  As mentioned earlier, allicin is degraded when taken with water to produce organic polysulfides.

These garlic derived polysulfides contribute the sulfur needed by the RBC to increase the production of H2S. Upon its production, H2S will bind to and activate vascular KATP channels, thereby resulting in hyperpolarization of the vascular smooth muscle cells. Hyperpolarization of these cells causes vasodilation or vascular relaxation that facilitates a reduction in blood pressure.


        Reduces Cholesterol and B.P
        May prevent stomach cancer.
        Ingredient in many dishes.
        Ecological Pesticide.

Side Effects

  • When taken by mouth it can cause: Bad breath, a burning sensation in mouth or stomach.
  • Heart burn
  • Gas
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Body Odor
  • Diarrhea and can increase risk of bleeding.


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