Convallaria majalis

Convallaria majalis belongs to family liliaceae,it’s local name is Fairy cups or May lilly. It contains constituents glycosides, convallarin, saponins, flavonoids, asparagine etc. It increases the force and power of the heart beat without increasing the amount of oxygen. It causes arteries to dilate and acts also as diuretic. So it can be used in heart failure,fluid retention,kidney stones and for many other puroses.

Convallaria majalis Pharmacognostic Features

B.O: Convallaria majalis
Family: Liliaceae
Habitat: Northern hemisphere but certain varieties also found in American, Japan, & China.
English name: Lilly of valley
Local name: May lilly, Fairy cups
Parts used: Roots and dried flowers


  • Glycosides:
  • Convallarin
  • Convallamarin
  • Convallotoxin
  • Convallalotoxol
  • Convalloside

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It also contains

  • Saponins
  • Convallaric acid
  • Asparagin
  • Flavonoids

Mode Of Action

The convallarin increase force and power of the heart beat without increasing the amount of oxygen required by the heart muscles, thereby increasing the efficiency of the heart. The flavonoids encourage the arteries to dilate while the asparagine act as diuretic.

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Uses of Convallamarin

·      Heart failure
·      Irregular heart beat
·      UTIs
·      Kidney stones
·      Epilepsy
·      Fluid retention(edema)
·      Stroke
·      Eye infection(conjunctivitis) 

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