Nestle Goals and Objectives

Nestle is one of world’s largest food chain company. Nestle produces various consumer products. Nestle owns more than 500 factories in more than 83 countries all over the world. They reached at this milestones in years.
Nestle Objectives in any country’s market are derived from overall Company’s objective. They are dreaming to be world’s finest & largest food manufacturer in terms of both quality and quantity produced.

Nestle Goals

Nestle is Goaling to Keeping Customer’s loyalty & Boosting sales by creating values to customers on Long terms & Short terms respectively.

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Nestle Objectives

  • Building mutual trust & interest with Local Government / Authorities, Direct & Indirect partners & of course Consumers too
  • Achieving International standards of Production, Environment, and others in local production plants.
  • Applying & Testing modern latest technologies & processing to ensure their best bench marking & business practice. 
  • Follow & Obey local & International laws
  • Ensuring improvements on continuous basis
  • Measuring Benefits & Costs

Nestle Quality Policy

We in our daily life always go towards brands we trust, why do we trust? Only because we have faith in their qualitative products. Do you ever buy any product you don’t believe on brand? Being consumers we always try to get best of the products in least of amount spent. Similarly people buy Nestle only because they know its quality. Nestle name on any product promises to provide
  • Consumption safety
  • Produced under local laws & regulations
  • Believe on quality which will build more consumer trust and preference towards Nestle
  • Commitment on quality
  • All Nestle functions across our value chain are fully responsible to follow mandatory norms.
  • They produce defect free products under zero wastage of natural resources with food safety compliance.
  • Nestle enforces quality requirements, food production techniques and technologies under state’s regularity authority from 1st step of collecting raw material for the products to the last step of customer’s consumption.


Nestle Swot Analysis (Milkpak)

SWOT analysis are marketing tactic to utilize a company worth. Nestle history is very important while reading about Nestle. Lets have a look on Nestle SWOT analysis.

Nestle Strengths

- Strongest world wide Brand
- Providing Quality Milk to world
- Milkpak is well known for the best UHT milk & providing Consistency in quality.
- Focusing R&D
- Educated and Skilled Marketing Staff
- Large number of new market offerings.
- Prepurchase virtual display at thousands of shops, stores within Pakistan, which are also easily accessible for consumers
- Arrangement of events
- Physical evidence Strong Brand image

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Nestle Weaknesses

- Nearly No Marketing Campaign
- There is weak marketing of Milkpak as there is no advertisement of Milkpak on official website.
- Lack of awareness among the target market.
- It is a main weakness of milkpak that there are different companies of milk but the name of nestle milkpak is always stand in the last because of low advertising and marketing.

Nestle Opportunities

- Few and weak competitors
- Can Reposition itself buy one more Advertising Campaign
- Currently none of competitors is spending money of advertising, so it may be beneficial for Nestle to Advertise
- Growth of processed milk is increasing with 20% annually so Nestle Milkpak has the opportunity to capture a large share of market.
Milkpak brand may get entire or about entire market share by availing opportunities in Market that includes
- Health Conscious people
- Increased knowledge of health
- Competitors are not having any Ad campaign right now
- Increasing interest of people

Nestle Threats

- Competitors may get better time and space in different Media
- There is no loyalty for as far as milk is considered.
- Quality is not being satisfied and taste as well by new comers.
- They can start their marketing Campaign and Milkpak may loose market share
- Nestle is facing the problem that is regarding the quality of milk. It is being perceive that infant or child belonging to poor family who use low quantity of milk then required in daily use are getting affected.
- Price is also a factor. Milkpak comprises 50% of profit of firm. That’s why price compromise can not be done.
- Firm is not advertising the milkpak on its official web site in first view although it is giving highest profit to firm.
- High collection of milk is required along with the presence of competitors.
- Credit system is not possible for firm as being given by local loose milk producer.
- Nestle is operating in a number of dairy products and milk allocation is first settled for other brand and then for milkpak.- Major player may enter target market
- Legal and ethical issues.
- Market segment growth could attract new entrants.
- Two main competitors Haleeb and Olpers are main threat for Milkpak especially the Olpers is growing very fast.
- There is no entry barrier for new entrants as the Olpers has come in the market.

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