Objectives of Organizational Development

As objectives of organizational development are framed keeping in view specific situations, they vary from one situation to another. In other words, these are reasons to meet the requirements of a particular situation. But broadly speaking, all organizational development programs try to achieve the following objectives

  • Making individuals in the organization aware of the vision of the organization. Organizational development helps in making employees align with the vision of the organization.
  • Encouraging employees to solve problems instead of avoiding them.
  • Strengthening inter-personnel trust, cooperation, and communication for the successful achievement of organizational goals.
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  • Encourage every individual to participate in the process of planning, thus making them feel responsible for the implementation of the plan.
  • Creating a work atmosphere in which employees are encouraged to work and participate enthusiastically.
  • Replacing formal lines of authority with personal knowledge and skill.
  • Creating an environment of trust so that employees willingly accept change.
  • According to organizational development thinking, organization development provides managers with a vehicle for introducing change systematically by applying a broad selection of management techniques. This, in turn, leads to greater personal, group, and organizational effectiveness.
It doesn't mean that any organization can not have other objectives. Their maybe long term and short term objectives too. I have discussed the most objectives.

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