Global Listening

Global listening is that which a student needs to understand the central point of a lecture or a long text.


a) Global listening which involves the listening of a large paragraph or lecture which requires more concentrations.

b) Text of lecture is easy or understandable for the students to remember for longer period.

c) Global listening involves high levels of explanation which students understand easily.

d) Listening involves the confident listening ability and are comfortable with the other persons.

e) Listening involves without being any force to students or by pre-determined the questions or assignment or a lecture.


a) Global listening is not the definite knowledge or information. It is based on huge knowledge or information.

b) Global listening is not based on the accurate frame of words or statement. It involves the high level of explanation for the students to understand.

c) Global listening is not the listening for non-essential material, it gives exact knowledge or information to the students.

d) Global listening is not the listening to copy a text.

Why would we do it?

It can be done to enhance our learning ability of mind to give quick response in apprehend spoken text.

To appreciate or like the listening. (The goal is not only to study the text it also needs to understand the information).

It can be done to apply the listening ability in daily routine.

For cumulative effects such as tuning into sounding and observed the tone or pitch system.

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Clark epitomize this view in following way:

a) Listeners take it in lectures and store the data or information in the working memory of the mind.

b)  They instantly aim to arrange the mental ability of a students into section, and to discover the task and content.

c) They develop all organize and then establish hidden arguments, building regularly onto a vertical representation of various statement.

d) Once they have recognize the statement for a organizer they keep them in the working memory but sometimes these information or data remove from the mind of the person then they do not remember the same wording but they keep the meaning of text in the mind.

Types of GLOBAL LISTENING practice


Global listening is not easy or not attaiable easily. Maybe manage conservation use is possible. It is the act of forming the words or spelling out the words. It is increase the listening skills or improved listening skills.


Reading is attainable. Listening to the huge text or the text of graded readers. Watching the movies with the statement appears on the screen between the scenes. Sometimes listening the simple songs. Repeated the listening are useful or essentials.


Global listening is the main point or are important for the language learning. Listen to Radio. TV Shows with statements appear to screen are useful. Large scale of natural listening.

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The requirements for global listening are first of all persons or student must know why they are doing global listening. They must know the vocabulary and grammar of the word. Time must be there and right material.


It is difficult to understand a listening text then the one which is read. And the large store of receptive listening is required. The learners need to understand the effect of sound on words. The learners must know how sound changes and they must have to recognize the words.


Material for global listening is difficult to find so the one must have to find the forum from start to full and others must ask the one which must create the same way of form.

The easiest way is to select a new which uses global listening such as BNN.

The other way is to find from the Google translator. First, find out the topic and then translate it in urdu and then search it in itune and other media. Download these files, all the audio files related to your topic and then start doing work on it

How do we go about teaching GLOBAL LISTENING?

Since the passage to succeed the ability to read the information or text correctly or rapidly is long in listening and also need much time of practices and is also enjoyable. Athletes are passing many times in the practices, because they enjoy doing this. There are many ways to improve the listening ability of the students. 

For example

Dictation is a good listening activity. The teacher efficiently attracts the students in listening. Students first listen the words in normal speed and then records global listening in percentage form. They listen words again in slow speed and then record those understandings in percentage form. Until the greater number of students reach the 98% understanding. It increases the listening ability to read the text correctly or rapidly.

Listen and Draw Activity

In the listening classroom there is lot of fun and the listening activities to do. Good listening information or data for this activity should give support the students to listen attentively without to listen with bored.

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In this activity, teacher has marked one student as a checker and the other one as a teller. The story which they are studying teacher first read out the story and then the teller read the portion. Teller explains what is written in that paragraph and the one is checker he has the duty to check whether the teller has told all the main points or not. Language for communication can be English or the one which student can understand.


To increase the amount of listening practice, external aids can be used. People who watch tv dramas are also have good listening practice. Audio and video can be used for listening practice.



It helps the student to understand the text what person says. It increases the listening practice.


It helps the low proficiency student to recognize the word. The words when spoken in speech are difficult to understand so recognition is difficult but practice makes it easier.


Global listening provides our student to experience a higher level of listening because listeners find it difficult to comprehend the listening so high level help them.


In this activity, people focuses on many factors such as discourse makers meaning dividing the conversation into segments and then focuses on the words and many other things.


Teacher should chose a news article or any poem which is famous and students have to listen that piece and work on it. They should start it on the beginning of the day and practice it. To choose a paragraph for dictation is quite difficult but it is easy to produce the dictation of that paragraph.

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The procedure is not defined it depends on the students, class and size. First, they had to read it with slow speed then they had to again read it. Now, one by one they will rephrase it and then read what they had written and check if any grammar mistake is there. Teacher must appreciate the student and also not choose difficult paragraph.


Techniques really affect the listening activity.

The way listener speaks the word and his expression matters a lot. Once, meaning is identified then there is no problem.

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