MTM Competitors Edge Policy

Over a period of last 7 years, Masood has invested heavily in the training and development of truly professional team. This has resulted in developing a team of MBA’s, Textile Engineers and Industrial Engineers working at various levels in operations, marketing & merchandising, production and quality management and logistics. They are supported by a team of  highly educated and experienced IT professionals to ensure building and implementing systems. This long term investment in Human Resource Development provides an edge to Masood to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Competitors Edge

  • Back Track System

MTM, The only Pakistani Textile with latest Barcode computerized System to ensure quality in all production phases from spinning to packing. Products of each department carry bar coded stickers, which bear all the details and history of the operations of that product. Hence if any problem is reported, one can trace back the root of the problem and enable to prevent occurrence of the same in future.

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  • Vertically Integrated Operations

Besides, Masood is one of the few fully vertical textile mills in Pakistan having in-house Ginning, Spinning, Knitting, Fabric dyeing, Processing, Laundry and Apparel Manufacturing facilities.  The vertically integrated operations help us in achieving shorter lead times and greater flexibility to cater to the customers’ demand.

  • Customer Profile

Masood has also a pride to work with the world’s best labels like POLO RALPH LAUREN, CALVIN KLEIN, GAP, NAUTICA, CHAPS RALPH LAUREN, JCPENNEY, RUSSELL, CHAMPION, HANES, POLO JEANS, SPEEDO, GJM, DISCUSS ATHLETIC, CATALINA, AMERICAN EAGLE, CARLI GRY, and TOM TAILOR etc.  Currently, 85% of production is exported to U.S. while rest 15% to Europe.

  • Stitching Diversity

With over 20000 stitching machines, Masood is producing about 300,000 dozens per month of fashion garments like Polo, Rugby and Henley shirts along with basic garments like Crew Neck Tee, Sweat shirt, Boxer shorts and Bikinis. Masood has in-house Embroidery facility equipped with Tajima machines.

  • Aggressive R&D Facility

A very aggressive and creative R&D department is always busy in exploring innovative product development enabling Masood to be ahead of  many in the field..

  • Social & Environmental Responsibilities

The compliance standards of international community are fully implemented and ensured at all times.

  • Off-Shore sewing facilities

Masood has diversified its operational capabilities by utilizing various off-shore sewing facilities to avail the benefit of duty and to meet the tough targets of valued customers.


  1. We have been supplying different V Belts to MTM. Its really a great platform to work with.

    1. Stay Updated. We are going to share more information about MTM.


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