How to Manage a Generation Gap in Organization

Young Employees vs. Old age Employees.

“Characteristics of Multi generational Workforce”

Young Employees

Low level of maturity.

Less experienced, in some cases experienced.         

Flexible to change.



Less monetary needs.                                                       

High mental & physical abilities.                                   


High attitude.                     

Low temperament.                                                              

Like challenging work.


Strategies to manage Young Employees

Train them, so that they can change their stereotype applied to older employees such as “they are not being able to cope with stressful jobs”.

Realize younger ones that the key to success is in the respect of seniors because their (old ones) experience, knowledge will be helpful for Youngsters.

Give the decision making power to younger employees, so that they bring innovation in the work.
Give them challenging work because they like it.

Provide refresher & constant update knowledge and give them behavioral training.
Give them proper career development opportunities, so that their loyalty towards organization increases.

Minimize their job related stress and burden, so that they enjoy the work.

Make teams of younger employees because they like to work in teams.

Old Age Employees

High level of maturity.

More experienced.

High temperament.

Resistance to change (status quo).



High monetary needs.

Limitation of physical & mental abilities.

Less absenteeism.

Low turnover.

Strategies to manage Old Age Employees

Provide them learning opportunities to pick up new ideas & skills.

Provide them counseling sessions, there they can guide or lead younger employees with the help of their experience and comprehensive knowledge. This act will feel them honored.

Provide them health advice, preparation for retirement by giving pre-retirement training about new journey of life after retirement by giving them retirement plan.

Make them the leaders of teams, so that they guide the younger employees with their experience.

Don’t give them challenging jobs e.g. “Marketing Jobs”.

Give them managerial jobs because they have comprehensive knowledge.

Give them status in the organization because they like status. 

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