HRD Issues in Pakistan - 21st Century


Today in the organization, smoking is a common practice. The employees even management not feels that the smoking is bad thing and unethical act. It has become fashion to smoke. It is a big HRD issue because it affects the health of employees and thus affects the productivity of organization.

Diversity in the Workplace

Today is the era of globalization, the era of creativity and flexibility, which is achieved by diverse workforce. Due to diverse workforce (on the basis of culture, religion, age, gender, etc.) different conflicts arises. So this is a recent issue of HRD to manage diversity in the workplace.


It is the major issue of HRD in Pakistan. Corruption is increased in Pakistan due to economic instability.
Jobs are provided on the base of “References”, not on the base of “Merit”.

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Flexi Working

In Pakistan the flexi working is not very much implemented, so workers/ employees face difficulties in doing work. This is also the issue of HRD. Even they don't use Problem Solving techniques like Jigsaw Puzzle

Gender Discrimination

In Pakistan gender discrimination is often seen in organizations. Women have not proper development opportunities as compared to men. Organizations not provide proper compensation plans, promotions as compared to men. This is the main issue of HRD.

Sexual Harassment

In Pakistan Women are sexually harassed in the workplace. Due to this act Women feels uncomfortable to work in organizations. 
Eve-teasing is a common practice or behavior toward Women in organizations.


Today in Pakistan security problems are increasing due to “Terrorism” not only in social life but also in professional life of employees.
Employees feel fear to work in the situation of “Terrorism”.
Job insecurity is also a problem in Pakistan’s organizations.


Forgetting Organizational Development Objectives - Favoritism is a common practice is Pakistan.
This is the cause of creating bias in evaluating or making performance appraisals of employees. Favorite employees get incentives, even though they are not suitable for these incentives.  

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