Nail Health Warning

Amazingly your nails send you health warnings!

That’s sound great, because you can easily observe your nails at any time of day. You just have to know how can evaluate your health condition according to the pictorial look of your nail. This will be cost less method if you know the language of your nails.

Here I will help you to learn the language of your nails, which will be almost same for everyone. Healthy nails speak out loud, yes, they are. The appearance of healthy nails is neat, clean and pinkish in color.  They shine well. And most amazingly you fall in love with your nails if have nails like that.

But sometimes nails having above qualities do not depict good internal health of a person. How would I know? It will be simple after reading this.

Half-moon, No half-moon and Small half-moon on nails

The moon appear on nail is called Lunula. It depicts different health conditions.

Half-Moon on nails

Perfectly made half-moon on nails is the symptom of good immunity and digestive system. It also shows how the thyroid is functioning. A good half-moon on at least 8 nails predicts good thyroid level.

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Small half- moon

A very small lunula obviously shows that your digestive and immunity system is not working properly. It may happen due to slow metabolism and toxins surplus in the body.

No half-moon

No half-moon depicts weak thyroid functioning. That can possibly lead to depression, mood swings and weight gains, frequent weight loss and excess hair fall.

Pale Lunula and yellow colored nails

Discoloration of nail is also very unhealthy. Sometimes women apply nail polish frequently which makes their nails pale and discolored but if you want to see the real color of your nails. You have to observe your nails without applying nail polish at least for one week. Pale lunula shows the possibility of diabetes and yellow color of nails indicates the fungal infection.

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White Nails

White nails indicate the unhealthy liver condition. This condition could be due to unhealthy eating habits or unhygienic environment and cause Hepatitis and Jaundice.

White spots on nails

If you observe white spots on your nails then you seriously have to take a look at what you eat. It is time to change food intake. Because these white spots indicate the deficiency of essential vitamins in your body or it could be due to some allergic infections.

Blue colored nails

Nails with blue color around the lunula could be due the lungs problems and circulatory problems. In infants, if blue or purple nails observed, they indicate the tiny holes in heart. These holes filled naturally within a year, if not, then a surgery required.

Black Line on Nails

A brown or black streak or line under a nail that persists can be skin cancer – melanoma, which can be deadly if it isn't caught early.

Pinched and Bent nails

If nails are pinched or bent, they indicate the deficiency of vitamin B-12 and iron in body. These nails create pain and sometimes injure fingers too.

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Cracked nails

Cracked nails dosn’t look good and a person having such nails feel bad about them. If something dosn’t appear good then possibly indicates that there is something wrong. Cracks on nails indicate a skin disease.

All of above are some conditions of nails which indicate health problems. If we are concerned about our health then this is very helpful for all of us to switch to a healthy life style in order to prevent ourselves from different ailments.

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