50,000 young people each year without school leaving certificate

To ensure that today's early school leavers are not the long-term unemployed of tomorrow, an education system is needed that offers everyone the best possible start and development opportunities.

The challenge

In an optimal education system everyone must have the same start and development opportunities. At the same time, the course for an educational career is set early. What children learn to learn to train their lives and can hardly be made up later. This is why it takes a lot more good daycare places: the consistent investment in early childhood education creates comparable starting conditions for all children.

But the schools and the training of teachers have to improve so that everyone finds their place in the working life. For young adults without a vocational qualification are significantly more frequently not employed and rarely employed full-time. The federal government must therefore do more to achieve its own goal and reduce the number of early school leavers.

Therefore, the total expenditure on education institutions must increase markedly. In terms of gross domestic product, Germany is 4.4 percent of the primary and tertiary education expenditure, well below the OECD average of 5.2 percent.

The majority of a school year is now beginning to study. However, this positive development in the academic sector should not lead to the fact that the training places offered by the business sector are not adequately staffed. Our unique training system deserves qualified school leavers.

Our demands

The individual support of children from so-called non-educational families has to be improved. And it must be ensured in the early childhood for equal opportunities to be created. This requires the same starting conditions for the transition from nursery school to elementary school.

The number of nursing places is to be expanded from quantitative considerations, but it is not enough. Educators must be academically qualified and receive advanced training.

Teaching of teachers has been abolished; A performance-oriented payment must take the place of the civil servant.

And the reduction of the Gymnasium to eight years is to be maintained. Without the education and life quality of the students suffering, school graduates can enter the professional life a year earlier.

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