6 tips to teach better

Incorporate these 6 tips and perfect your teaching techniques. Take note!

Are you a teacher, or are you considering studying to become one? In this opportunity, we offer you 6 simple tips that you should keep in mind to perfect your teaching techniques and achieve a better performance by your students. Pay attention!

Use technology

Taking into account that the children and adolescents belonging to Generation Z or Post Millennial are digital natives, which means that their ability to handle technological devices is practically innate, the incorporation of digital tools into their learning process is almost mandatory. Visit our notes Free Software: 16 programs designed for education or 10 tricks to take advantage of your smartphone in the classroom and know some options.

Tell a story

People understand and remember stories better than isolated data, so putting lessons through storytelling can be a very useful technique to explain you more clearly. If your job is to keep the attention of the students, you can also start or end classes with a joke, of course it should be appropriate, a riddle or an inspirational phrase.

Organize lessons

Make sure you use clear and accessible language, whenever possible, and try to follow a plan, in this way, students will be less likely to be distracted. Also, it is important that you do not change the subject without first making sure that all the students understood the lesson and interpreted your words properly.

Think about your audience

Do not focus on what you would like to learn, but on what your students might be interested. Remember the importance of illustrating your thread of thought, not only through examples, but also mentioning the most common mistakes.

On the other hand, it is essential that you teach students that you have, not the ones you would like to have. Good teachers do not label their students; in fact, they know how they should treat each other and consider that diversity and difficulties are what make teaching an interesting experience.

I entertained the students

Considering that teachers should do everything possible to entertain students and captivate their attention, incorporating performance techniques and even stand up is a convenient alternative. Read our 6 ways to take advantage of theatrical techniques to become a great leader and know some secrets.

I continued studying and learning

Good teachers do not consider themselves experts or believe they know everything; in fact, they are aware that they have much to learn and care about improving their skills and incorporating new skills.

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