Coke accounts for 67.2% of soft drink sales in Spain

The soft drinks sector maintains the type. The market adds a turnover of 1,805.02 million euros in the free service channel until June 15, 2014, a slight fall of 1.96% compared to the same TAM of 2013 when it reached 1,840.96 million euros, According to data provided by IRI World Wide Group.

However, in terms of volume, the decrease is larger and reaches 2.7%, reducing sales to 2,201.81 million liters compared to the 2,262.84 million liters that were accounted for twelve months before

In particular, Orangina Schweppes and Red Bull are the only two brands of manufacturers that have increased their figures with a rise of 2.34% in terms of turnover and 0.56% in volume; And 2.35% and 4.7% in value and volume, respectively, during the period studied by Iri World Wide.

However, despite the fact that The Coca-Cola Company and the other brands of manufacturers register negative data with decreases of around 3%, Coca-Cola is the best selling soft drink maker, holding a market share of 67.2% in Value, 1,213.25 million euros; And 56.5% by volume, 1,243.9 million liters.

Secondly, the distribution mark (MDD) appears, with shares of 13.1% in value, which represents 236.79 million euros, and 25.6% in volume, 564.11 million liters. Behind it is Pepsico with a turnover of 153.11 million euros (8.5% share) and a sales volume of 215.38 million liters, a 9.8% share.
Finally, Orangina Schweppes appears, with a turnover of 129.14 million euros, 7.2% of the total market, and volume sales of 138.07 million liters, 6.3% of quota; And Red Bull, whose shares are 1.6% in value, which represents 29.18 million euros, and 0.3% in volume, 6.90 million liters sold.

Coca-Cola Company: leader in sales of cola, citrus with gas and isotonic
Breaking down the sales of the four categories that most bill the soft drink market, the leadership of The Coca-Cola Company is proven in three of them, cola, bottled citrus and isotonic, and Red Bull in energy drinks.

Specifically, in the queue category, The Coca-Cola Company accounted for 84.5% of turnover in the Spanish service channel, with 867.96 million euros, despite the decrease of 2.65% in the last period studied. Meanwhile, in terms of volume represents 72.5% of quota with 873.59 million liters, which represents a decrease of 3.54% in the last twelve months.

The second manufacturer in this category is Pepsico with a market share of 9% in value and 11.8% in volume, suffering losses of 2.76% in turnover and 3.47% in volume.

In the category of citrus with gas, the 60.8% of the turnover also corresponds to The Coca-Cola Company, with 138.08 million euros, although it suffers a loss of 5.22%, also agglutinating the 49, 6% of volume sales, down 4.35%.

In second place in this market is the MDD, with shares of 19.9% ​​in value and 32.5% in volume, showing decreases of 3.55% and 5.08%, respectively. Pepsico suffered losses in this category of 2.16% in value and 5.16% in volume, while Orangina Schweppes recorded increases of 21.62% in value and 33.11% in volume.

In isotonic drinks, The Coca-Cola Company accounted for 79.1% of turnover, accounting for 123.30 million euros, and 71.1% of volume, with losses of 2.99% and 0, 5%, respectively. For its part, the MDD has market shares of 17.8% in value and 26.2% in volume.

In contrast, Red Bull is the leader in the category of energy drinks with a market share of 34.6% in value, which represents 29.18 million euros, although it has the second position in volume sales, with a share Of 17.8%. In both cases, it has recorded increases: 2.35% in value and 4.70% in volume.

The leader in volume of the category is the MDD, which has a share of 37.6% although in billing its share represents 24.8% after increasing of 8.72% in value and 10.03% in volume during the Last twelve months. The third place in this category is The Coca-Cola Company, with a fall of 4.44% in terms of value.

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