Creating PPT slideshow for Presentation

Power Point is one the most widely used tool for college, University and office presentation. With this single software you can create various slides including short notes to remember. 

To create a slide show with Power point (Microsoft PowerPoint), you quickly create an appealing slideshow. PowerPoint offers basic image processing functions.

You do not need special software to design an attractive slideshow. Microsoft Powerpoint has everything you need for a convincing slide show on board. In addition, Microsoft Powerpoint even provides simple image processing. 

Prepare for a slide show with Powerpoint: In PowerPoint, go to Insert / Graphics / New Photo Album (for Powerpoint 2007 photo album is located directly under Insert). Click the File / Disk button below "Insert Image" and navigate to the folder that contains the images. To highlight all images, press Ctrl + A. If you want to make a selection instead, press and hold the Ctrl key and click on the images you want to use.

Which are marked, you can see on the dark blue frame. Once the selection is made, click the Insert button. If there are a large number of pictures, the process can take a few minutes.

Once the images are inserted in PPT, you can simple drag them up and down and add your notes or points for each picture/page. 

How to have Power Point?
You can simply buy it from Microsoft official site or get get a bought version from your college/university. Microsoft also provide you trial version and some old softwares are also free of cost and available on internet.

You can simply install Microsoft if you have sufficient storage on your computer/laptop as well as your hardware must be as per that software requirements i.e., ram, processor, hard and of course windows version.

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