Developer in Italy must know 10 programming languages

Web developer, with a mastery of English, is available to navigate, who knows the development tools of mobile applications such as Android and iOS, Objective-C, Java, Web Services, C #, HTML / HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, PHP , MySQL, object programming and design patterns, mastery of the most popular framework and CMS (ie what would be the most popular frameworks, there are more common frameworks, and what language?). Priority will be given to those who will also know Unity3D and Agile Development Methodologies.

He also appreciates the knowledge of 3D Studio Max or Maya and the most common graphics software (Photoshop, Illustrator) and animation (Flash).

So now, let me talk to you. These very serious types, which do not even include annual / monthly compensation (typical of Italy), claim that a common mortal who averages 70 years of age knows more than 6 programming languages ​​(I speak of seriously knowing a language of Programming, not having read the how to do some newspaper newsletters), and possibly knowing a bit about everything ... even knowing 3D Studio Max or Maya, 3D very complex 3D graphics software Which have nothing to do with a developer (or almost). Virtually you do not understand why you are looking for a web developer that develops for example iOS and Android (but what's the relevance ???) and that you have 3D and 2D graphics skills, almost as you like, you'll program a bit of everything, You will do all the work and you will also deal with the graphic aspect of whatever you do. Maybe it's a joke?

Abroad, companies are looking for more and more specialized staff, who know how to do "one thing", but well, on the other hand, in Italy, things seem to travel in the opposite direction. It will be because here it is reasoned, you prefer to save to the detriment of the quality of the final product (a newly introduced IT engineer here takes just € 24,000 a year if it's OK, in the USA, it starts from $ 80000 to $ 85,000, making 7,000 Dollars per month, at current exchange rate 5229 euros). A computer with all the above mentioned knowledge should at least be paid 200,000 € per year .. at least.

Starting from the assumption that I think I know the field I talk about (the Informatic), I think the Italian situation is really critical. Whoever assumes does not know what a person is looking for, those looking for work do not know who gets hired. Only large companies sometimes work as they should (Reply, Google, IBM, Intel, etc.) and know who and what they are looking for (but there are the exceptions).

And the beautiful you know what it is? What ads so the network is full, full-fledged! So I ask myself: but in Italy they really want you to break your back to take a degree, expand as much as possible your knowledge, then have the extreme skills that no one else has and have to work a life as the last wheel of the wagon, With a payroll at post office (with all respect for postal employees)? If someone in the building tries to save on the material, in the Italian IT world somebody tries to save on the minds ... under really extreme conditions. But what do they claim? Do you want your wife drunk and the barrel full?

Personally speaking, I will not go to the first bidder, and invite so many colleagues to do the same. Is Work Missing in Italy? No, "honest" employers are missing, offering you a promising career, a sparkling working environment and the right rewards. It is also true that the Italian government is letting tax entrepreneurs, and this does not encourage recruitment ... ... this is another story.

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