Japanese fashion education is corrupt

Costume vocational school, partly enrolled students

Although it will be an article a while ago, it was published that the number of entrants to clothing vocational schools has increased in the Senken newspaper. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry's statistics have not been completed for a while until H27 years ago, so it is not correct numbers yet, even at the school where I'm a lecturer, this story was taken up as if the light of hope was given It was.

However, if you look back on the numbers of H27 years ago, it is half a figure from 20 years ago. It is better than decreasing, but it is not a situation that pleases the hands.

Lack of sales staff that can not be resolved even if "increase"

And the biggest problem is the entrants. The example which is raised in the article is the school center which cultivates a lot of creators, mainly of cultural clothing graduate school and dress maker academy. If many of the enrollment number has been enrolled in the course of the creator very much, is not it problematic? Although I also mentioned last time, in the job offer received by the vocational school,

Salesperson: Other occupation = 10: 1


Many specialized students recognize that "sales" is just a passing point

The students were told that they were full of dreams from the vocational school side before entering the school and entered hope in their hearts. And a little while ago when I become a second grader I find that my job placement is a salesperson with a high probability. Because of all this, students who can not make their dreams in the fashion industry around the second grade. There are classes under contracting only the second grader, but every year the beginning of the year is just a bitchesweet fleeting.

One famous graduate is one of famous vocational schools. At the Bunka Fashion College, Mr. Yohji Yamamoto, Mr. Shikaku Takahashi of undercover, Mr. Hirohisa Ochiai of Fasettaman, etc. have a variety of emoticons. VANTAN includes Mr. Kunihiko Morinaga of Anria Rage, Mr. Masanori Morikawa etc. at Ueda Yasuko Garment College.

I do not say that the possibility of becoming such a person is zero. Do you talk about salespeople who account for 90% of the entire recruitment? Since I become a salesperson with 90% probability of how I dreamed it, I have to tell the countermeasure and the facts of the recruitment. Then I should talk about aiming for career advancement.

Well saying "raising salespersons" by business talk is certainly hard for students to stick. That would be a big reason that we can not expect the number of enrollment.

Recruitment persons in each major not inappropriate

If you are looking at the number of recruitment staff for each major in the vocational school, it is not a ratio of sales courses of course: other courses = 10: 1. Rather, there are more people in the course to raise creators. If the ratio is wrong, the number of talented people who get overwhelmed at the time of employment increases.

This will not receive a solid salesperson education, not attaching to the desired job category, but the number of talented persons who become salespersons as securing employment will increase. However, depending on the company, it is not unusual to have a career-up way of salespeople properly prepared, and promotion to headquarters in 3 years of service is not unusual. And there is a requirement as a salesperson there.

Even worse material, most teachers of fashion educational institutions are graduates of the school. To acquire young talent, ask a graduate about 2 to 3 years career and ask a lecturer. Graduates who were asked to instruct a lifetime employment as a lecturer with a shallow career. . .

That is, the number of lecturers who do not have industry knowledge / technology increases. Under this situation it will be difficult to provide adequate education.

A proper understanding of the problem, and a solution method

I think that people in the field can understand, but anyone can be a salesperson, but it is not a job anyone can do. Becoming an excellent salesperson is not an easy thing. So there are few good sales people in the current market.

It is not a job that anyone can do, but a person who can do the job of the original salesperson is made. I hope that the enrollment increase will be pleasing only when such an environment is prepared.

As long as the student who entered this year will not become an educational institution that seems to be "good to admit" one year later, there will be no point in increasing the number of enrolled students. In order not to be so, first of all, is not the educational institution the most important item to grasp the market correctly and its measures? Without that repetition fashion educational institutions will only have to decline. Although there are no signs of change at all as long as we are seeing the current situation ...

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