Preparatory course for IELTS exam in MALTA

IELTS Academic Exam Preparation Course is designed for top-level students looking to prepare for this exam. IELTS was designed to assess the language skills of candidates who wish to study or work in an English-speaking environment. IELTS is set up for participants with an intermediate to advanced level of English and exams are held regularly each month.

Intensive IELTS course consists of 30 lessons per week

4 lessons per day that focus on the development of language ability in a general English class taking into account the level of students;

2 lessons per day that will help develop the skills for the IELTS exam, techniques and practical exercises for the exam.

IELTS exam: Academic or general?

There are two types of IELTS exams: academic and general training (see for more information on each).

IELTS course focuses on the IELTS academic exam, which has been the most popular choice among Maltalingua students.

The IELTS assessment system ranges from 1 (without knowledge of English at all) to 9 (expert). English-speaking universities require the following qualifications in their training programs:

Preparation: 5.0-5.5
Graduated: 6.0-6.5
Postgraduate: 6.5 +

Do not forget to reserve the right examination before arriving in Malta.

Please note that you must register for the exam on your own after booking our course. We can not guarantee your participation in any other way, and Maltalingua is not responsible in such a case.

IELTS 2017 Exam Preparation Courses

Every monday

Date of examination - Application deadline
07/01/17 - (Saturday) 12/22/16
2/16/17 - (Thursday) 2/1/17
04/03/17 - (Saturday) 2/17/17
03/25/17 - (Saturday) 03/10/17
04/08/17 - (Saturday) 03/24/17
04/22/17 - (Saturday) 04/04/17
05/13/17 - (Saturday) 04/28/17
05/25/17 - (Thursday) 05/10/17
03/06/17 - (Saturday) 05/19/17
17/06/17 - (Saturday) 06/02/17
08/07/17 - (Saturday) 06/23/17
03/08/17 - (Thursday) 7/19/17
19/08/17 - (Saturday) 08/04/17
09/09/17 - (Saturday) 08/25/17
30/09/17 - (Saturday) 09/15/17
14/10/17 - (Saturday) 9/29/17
11/11/17 - (Saturday) 10/27/17
02/12/17 - (Saturday) 11/17/17

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