Swot Analysis of PepsiCo

Organizations at broader perspective perform SWOT analysis to clearly understand and estimated their competitors. SWOT is combination of what is shared below. This term helps to design 4Ps or 6Ps Marketing strategies to penetrate in market. Let say I am Coca Cola and want to compete Pepsi in some area, I would need to understand where Pepsi is strong and where I have edge to beat it. One company's weakness is another's opportunity and strength is another's threat. 


  • Outstanding Reputation.
  • Broader Product line-creates synergy beyond the board.
  • Large chargeless banknote flow- New Acquisition
  • Great brands, able distribution, avant-garde capabilities
  • PepsiCo sells three articles through the aforementioned administration channel.
  • Huge Advertising Budget.
  • Able Marketing Intelligence.


  • Difficult to affect Vision and Direction for Large Global Company.
  • Non Uniform Company name for some PepsiCo products.
  • PepsiCo Lags baton Coca-cola in the all-embracing bazaar - Highly Elastic Demand.
  • Big Health Issues for Pepsi Drink - Fat and Sugar.
  • Falling Behind in All-embracing Markets, namely Russia, Venezuela, and South America.
  • Health Issue in the Indian bazaar with baptize - independent pesticides.


  • Expanding Food Division in the all-embracing market.
  • Investment into added non carbonated articles in the US bazaar and regional.
  • Avant-garde Customized articles technology

THREATS to Pepsi

  • Bottled Baptize Bazaar Faces Competition.
  • Comply with All-embracing & Domestic Standards.
  • Environmental affair PET Bottles
  • Continuously increases in the amount of awkward oil and raw materials- affects the amount of accomplished products
  • Terrorism-Anti-American Advocates

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