Volunteering - Small help is great!

You always wanted to do something sensible and make a positive contribution to society?

Volunteer for nature and environment, children, sick or migrants?

No problem - it's easy!

The possibilities for social commitment are manifold: children read stories, spend time with the elderly, distribute food to the homeless, donate money, plant trees, put on a city garden, go with dogs, give tuition ...

Many humanitarian and ecological projects are dependent on voluntary and committed aid. The financing is usually made up of state funds and donations. Volunteering in an association or initiative brings three benefits at once: helping those who need help, the project can continue to serve a good cause through your help, and help you make the world more enjoyable.

RESET gives you tips on how and where you can get involved.

Volunteer agencies - find the right project

If you want to become active in Germany, volunteer agencies, like The Federal Working Community of Volunteer Agencies, to find projects, initiatives or organizations in which you can make a meaningful contribution to your personal interests. Volunteers and organizations get together there and organize e.g. Reading sponsorship or mentoring projects for young people in search of a training place.

You can do good deeds in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. On the homepage you will find numerous projects and organizations waiting for your help. Ideal for people who want to be flexible and independent in time. A few hours, a weekend or a fixed project period: You decide when, where and how you are there for others.

The better place mobile app shows you wherever in your environment, or worldwide, the support is needed. With this app, you will find over 12,500 projects in which you can engage with a time donation. Or you can help one of almost 7,000 initiatives with a donation - quite simple and mobile with a few clicks. And the good thing: for both you and the participating organizations the app is free of charge - 100% of the donation will be forwarded.

Large welfare associations, e.g. The Workers' Welfare Association (AWO), the German Caritas Association (DCV) or the German Red Cross (DRC) offer many ways to volunteer.

At www.senioren-initiativen.de seniors are active - in over 1200 initiatives throughout Germany elderly people for good purposes.

If you want to get involved in your neighborhood in Berlin, the Hauptstadtthomepage will help you. Here you have the possibility to create a personal profile of yourself and to find you over the network of auxiliary projects.

If you are not older than 27 years, you have the opportunity to complete a voluntary social or ecological year (FSJ, FÖJ). For further information, please visit www.foej.de and www.pro-fsj.de. RESET gives you a few tips on how to volunteer after school, before you start your career.

The Federal Volunteer Service is open to anyone who would like to get involved in the general good.

In Germany, there are many people who are dependent on food donations because they can not afford to go to the supermarket. Here the table helps. Foods that remain, but are of impeccable quality, are collected and passed on to the needy. You can support the board with money, food or material donations or actively help you at the board.

For donations, you can contact RESET.

Reading fathers are people who go into basic school, kindergarden or other public institutions and read something to children individually or in groups one to two times a week and inspire them to read and fantasize. More than 800 exchanges are looking for readers across Germany. Become a reader and find in the database of Lesepaten.net a lecture site near you.

Be voluntarily active in nature and environmental protection

Social commitment not only helps people but also nature. As a result, many organizations are committed to environmental protection and are dependent on volunteers. Almost every major environmental association has local groups, where one can actively use animals, plants and nature.

The Naturschutzbund Deutschland eV (Nabu) is a nature conservation association that works for nature through concrete projects and actions on the ground, carries out environmental education, promotes diverse commitment and also conducts scientific research. Find out how you can participate.

Greenpeace groups, green teams, youth teams and team 50plus support greenpeace creative, committed, and successful Greenpeace campaigns, themes and projects. All those who have the pleasure and the time can join the greenpeace for the environment. People of 10 to 90 years volunteer for the conservation of the last virgin forests, for renewable energies, protest against genetic engineering in the food and the exploitation of the seas.

The WWF is one of the largest independent nature conservation organizations in the world. Together with the members, the wwf wants to put a stop to the worldwide natural disaster. Throughout the world, the organization is committed to the development of nature reserves, the conservation of endangered natural landscapes and the protection of endangered animal and plant species. Participate is easy: become a member, donate to projects or participate in email campaigns.

The German Federal Environment Agency (BUND) is committed to the protection of nature and the environment. For example, he is committed to ecological agriculture and healthy food, to climate protection and the expansion of renewable energies, to the protection of endangered species, the forest and the water. How you can help, you can find here.

In numerous projects and actions the Green League Berlin e.V. has been devoted to the dramatic loss of species for many years. It is a network of ecological movements and a nationwide environmental association. It has its roots in the environmental and peace movement of the GDR. The aim of the network is the support and professional coordination of independent environmental groups and initiatives.

Plant trees! On the wikiwoods online platform, you can find other like-minded people and set up a tree plant group to perform forest and tree planting in your environment. Climate protectors, hobby planters and school classes can join together with foresters and environmental groups. Read RESET to find out how to protect the forest.

Neighborhood gardens - how to do that, you can read a community garden in the RESET article plant.

If you have a heart for animals, it is always worth to go to a shelter near you and ask if they still need a helping hand. Many of the work involved there does not require any special training, but rather only gives pleasure in dealing with and not afraid animals.

If you have absolutely no time to get involved actively, you can make a big contribution with a small donation - look at the donation projects of RESET.

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