What are and how to choose the best schools in Milan?

The open day system promoted by the Educational Educational Campaign has allowed parents and children to evaluate the various educational, training and economic proposals that guide the parent to choosing the best school for his / her child. The Edusco service is available to 26,000 students from Milan's third-generation media and families so that they can be guided in the conscious choice of high school of their children. The service is offered through evaluations of more than 4,000 high schools and technical institutes in Italy, Bolzano excluded, to carefully evaluate the training offer and the ability of the institutes to prepare students at the university.

In order to structure the catalogs directly from the eduscopio.it site, surveys were carried out in three different vintages, from 2012 to 2014, based on the type of address chosen (classical, linguistic or technical-economical high school) and were examined The first year of university education, from the number of examinations made to the average of the votes of over 700 thousand Italian diplomats. According to the study, a good academic performance at university is due to better preparation of the school of origin. The data emerged offered the opportunity to survey the best schools in Milan, but also Bologna, Turin, Padua and the rest of Italy to guide parents in choosing the best school for their children's education. Searching in the Eduscopio portal is quite intuitive, just enter the address of interest and city or regional area, to have all the useful information about the institute.

But what are the best institutes in Milan?

Among the high school classics of the city of Milan, the Sacred Heart with the index of 90.73, followed by the five high schools of the city, Carducci high school, Berchet, Beccaria, Parini and Manzoni. Among the scientific high schools according to the Eduscope ranking we find Volta high school, followed by the Sacred Heart and the Leonardo Da Vinci. While the three best high school of human sciences in Milan are: high school Virgil, Pareto, and the private high school Maria Ausiliatrice.

A student's education is crucial to his schooling and above all to college, as a solid training foundation is useful for building up future study projects but also working. That is why the institutes tend to respond more and more to the needs of families and students, and there are several high schools and schools that offer the opportunity to take advantage of private lessons such as Milan's recruiting school, ideal for those who have personal problems, He had to stop the school but want to get back on the road.

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