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Publish with US

At our Site. We are accepting Articles, Assignments, Projects & Thesis from different parts of worlds. We have some predefined rules to accept them. It is great opportunities for bloggers and websites to get backlink from out site at Zero Cost.

Article Submission rules

  • It should be minimum 500 words of length.
  • We allow 1 link per 300 words article. It means 2 dofollow links in 600 words posts i.e., if you post is 500 words, we shall allow only 1 link.
  • You should have self written article and not copy pasted from internet.
  • Your data (text or pictures) should not be plagiarized. We keep records of every article submitter and claiming party would be referred to you.
  • You must have images related to your article. (use google images labeled for reuse tag to get from internet)
  • You are free to use about author details at the end of your article and can add one link to your social profile under your name. i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or any other.

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Assignments, Projects or Thesis Submission rules

  • Students are required to mention the following things if they want us to publish their assignments to our website with their name.
  • You must mentioned your name (can use photo, but its your choice).
  • You should mention your degree/class.
  • You should mention your School, College or University name.
  • You should mention references of websites from where you took these data.
  • Students under 18 years of age can not submit their educational data or information without their guardian or parental approval.

Other Rules

  • You have to submit your article / assignment or thesis via email only.
  • We keep rights to publish or reject.
  • In case of publishing, you shall be replied via email with link of your article.
  • In case of rejection, you shall be replied via email with rejection reason.